Three Types Of Items And How You Should Store Them

Posted by: | Posted on: September 14, 2016
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Storing is not an easy task. There are different ways to store different things. So if you are the type of person who stores your furniture the same way your store old books, give yourself a slap or at least feel very disappointed with yourself and then continue reading.

So when you store something, you should store it the way it is supposed to be stored.


Many people would stuff a box with as many books as possible and seal the box the shut with some duct tape and say done. These people are silly. Do not be silly. When you are storing books, remember that books are made of paper and if they kept in humid and dusty areas, then the pages in the books will turn yellow and the books will smell musty. Furthermore ink can run and ruin so many pages. Simply put this is a terrible thing to do.

When you are storing books away, seal them in a bag, be it ziplock or anything that is airtight and then put the books neatly in a box. By sealing them in an airtight package, the books will not be exposed to dust or humidity therefore the pages will be white and crisp even after ten years in storage.


When you are dealing with furniture storage, you have to keep in mind one thing. Furniture no matter how sturdy it looks can get damaged easily. It does not matter if it is made of plastic, steel or timber, if they are not properly stored they will get damaged. When storing things that are made of steel or any other metal, make sure you get information about the metal in question. Different metals react differently to different things. Some would be able to withstand high temperatures while others would melt very easily.

All furniture, regardless of the material they are made of should be kept in a place that is of a constant temperature and should not be exposed to sunlight or rain. Furthermore they should be covered by either cloth or even boxed if possible as they can get dusty and damaged if you leave them uncovered and unprotected. If you feel you cannot store them properly you can give them to furniture storage companies who will store them for you. Link here for more information about furniture storage companies.

Cutlery and tableware

Cutlery and tableware are generally just put in a box and stored away. While this may sound alright, it is not. Cutlery and table ware should not be piled into a box just like that and stored away unless you fancy seeing bent forks and enjoy washing a lot of cutlery in a single day. Cutlery should be wiped and stored in an airtight bag, and then put in a box. Tableware such as porcelain plates and such should be bubble wrapped and then boxed up so that even if the box falls, they will not be damaged.

So when you are storing things make sure you store them the way they should be stored and do not resort to storing them all the same way.

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