Are Ladders The Best Choice For Construction?

Posted by: | Posted on: August 12, 2016
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Ladders have always played a very important role in construction. Ladders are used when we want to reach the top of a wall whether it is to build it or paint it. Moreover, ladders also play an important role in other parts of our lives as well. When we want to change a light bulb, reach the top of a book shelf, get a kitten down from a tree, we use a ladder.

At present, with the technological development the world has witnessed, construction industry has also grown and become better. Therefore, better alternatives for ladders have also come into being and are widely used in construction. These alternatives are considered better than ladders for several reasons.


The widely used alternative for a ladder in the construction industry is scaffolding. However, at present, that scaffolding which used to be made of wood is now made using other durable material. If you reach aluminium scaffolding suppliers in Dubai you will find a number of different types of this product. This is far safer than a ladder, which does have a tendency to tip over if you are not careful enough.


A ladder is a narrow supporter. Sure there are ladders that are very tall. But the length of a ladder rung is always going to be narrow. However, scaffolding comes in different lengths and heights which allow several people to use it at once. Also, since scaffolding can bear more weight you do not have to fear about toppling over as you do when you are on a ladder.


A ladder is easy to move. That is true. However, a reliable mobile aluminium scaffolding tower is much easier to move since you do not have to carry it on your shoulder. This can be gently pushed to the place you want to use it as wheels are attached to the bottom of the construction. Also when you have scaffolding you can get more work done at the same time as several people can work using it. When it comes to a ladder, only one person can use it at a time.

All of these facts point to one conclusion: though a ladder is useful, when it comes to construction purposes scaffolding is a better option. You can still use ladders for domestic purposes. Nevertheless, when it comes to creating a large building a ladder does not offer much safety or ease. Therefore, a ladder is not the best option for construction purposes unless you are talking about a very narrow space. You can decide which to use depending on your need.

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