Useful Car Gadgets To Have Stocked

Posted by: | Posted on: February 24, 2016
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For car lovers and enthusiasts, car accessories are something of a symbol of your love for your car as well as a way of showing off knowledge about the car. So for those who do not know well about their cars, here are some tips to consider when adding the bling and the essentials to the vehicle.

· The antigravity battery

For those who love to travel a lot, sometimes having backups of essentials that are required to run your car is a necessity and in some cases, the gap between life and death. The antigravity battery will jump start your car (and your smartphone or laptop if and when needed) in the case your battery refuses to do it on its own when your car has given up on you. Although this is a far cry from the beauty of a pair of Magneti Marelli lights to spice up your gorgeous vehicle, it is a bling that is a necessity (and also sounds cool).

· Heininger DashGrip gel pads

If you are tired of having your phone, keys and leftover coins falling all over the floor of your car every time you brake, then Heininger is here to your rescue. The gel pads come in an array of colours but do not end up becoming sticky after hours in the sun. It is easy to take off and also it is easy to place somewhere you find more convenient to place your phone. Any material sticks to the gel pad and you can make sure to keep the phone in one piece when using these in your car.

· Fix a Flat

If you are not strong enough to lift your car with a scissor jack and not good with taking off the nuts from the tire itself, then sometimes getting a flat in the middle of the road can be your worst nightmare. So for those who are not enthusiastic about going hands on about changing tires, then this Fix-a-Flat inflating and sealing can will be your saviour on the highway. It works on any tires from trucks, SUVs, vans and 4x4s and having one or two canned tire inflators for those emergency situations always comes in handy.

· 3M’s Headlight lens restoration kit

When your Magneti Marelli lights are not shining as brightly as they used to and you are not in the mood to spend another couple of grand to buy a new pair, then your solution comes in the form of a sealed package from 3M car care which allows you to bring the brightness back.

Consult your friends and fellow car enthusiasts about other essentials and also accessories that you can add to polish up the look in your car.

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