A Short History And Description About Continental Tyres

Posted by: | Posted on: February 4, 2016
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Continental AG started off as a rubber company in the late 19th century. They were one of the many rubber companies that were established in Germany at the time. They initially started making tires for bicycles in around 1892. They had to of course compete with the companies like Dunlop and Michelin. But with the rise of the demand for automobiles in the late 19th century and early 20th century saw the company rising to a whole new level. They came up with a lot of new types of tyres that grew to be increasingly popular leading them to become one of the largest producers in Germany. Though the Second World War and Nazis were good for them in terms of business it saw a decline in the post war period. But it rose up again and it saw a gradual rise in the company over the years.But it was only after the 1990’s that continental tyres really became popular in the world and gained international recognition. It is known to be a decent tyre that does the job. It has a record of good quality as well. Its performance on a whole is average; hence it is not exactly suitable for extreme conditions. But these are used as the stock wheels by companies like Honda Nissan etc. Suffice to say this isn’t exactly a premium brand but it tends to the job well enough and will work for you for some time.

In term of assurances the company claims that continental tyres Abu Dhabi do not use any bad toxins that are harmful to the environment in its production. So in a way it is somewhat of eco-friendly but this of course be simply good marketing by the company. On that same note the company also claims that they are the safest out there and that they take extra care to make sure that that you are safe when you are driving your vehicle. They boast of a multitude of tests that they run on a regular basis. This is probably why they claim to be braking experts. That is to say they market their product by saying that braking with their product is smooth as it can be.

So moving on I considered some of the reviews that are online to see the truth of these claims that the company makes. A lot of people are in the consensus that this product has a nice grip to it especially in the rain. A lot of people also agree that this should be one of your top choices when you are looking for some new wheels for your vehicle. All in all this is a pretty decent product and you wouldn’t go wrong with it.

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